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The Skinny Lattes Cycling Club is a Women's specific cycling club based in Adelaide, South Australia.

We are women from all walks of life, ages and abilities who love to cycle. We are recreational riders, gravel and road riders who enjoy clocking up kilometres in beautiful Adelaide and beyond.

From our humble beginnings riding along Linear Park in 2002 we have now developed into a respected cycling group that undertakes training rides, challenge rides such as the Tour Down Under and the State and International Masters Games. We also run lots of fun rides and events – just to mix it up. 

As our numbers increased we became incorporated with support from our first sponsor CIBO, and we are affiliated with AusCycling.

To our financial members we are able to offer a range of cycling events, insurance, training workshops, support and encouragement to help women ride better and more safely – and of course meet for coffee (a ‘skinny latte’) at the end of a ride.

The Skinny Lattes Cycling Club (SLCC) is our passion and we hope you enjoy being part of the club as much as we have enjoyed creating and developing it into a cycling club of which we are very proud.

strive to do things you've never done

Join other Skinny Lattes members reaching personal cycling goals


“I had a road bike and enthusiasm but apart from riding along the cycle tracks, I didn’t have a plan let alone riding buddies. Joining the SLCC has taken my enthusiasm to a different level. I feel supported and love the rides, not to mention the after-ride coffee and snack shared with lovely ladies young and old (like me). If it wasn’t for the SLCC I’d still be just messing about on a bike alone”.
Jan Carr

“I started riding on road bikes in 2006 after giving up horse riding. I got addicted quickly. Over time I discovered I particularly enjoy longer distances and hills. I joined a Skinny Latte cyclosportif team in 2009 and enjoyed it very much that year and in 2010. In 2011, I had a pretty serious riding accident which saw me off the bike for six months. I received wonderful support and affection from my Skinny Lattes friends in that time. I returned to riding in a low key way in late 2011 and managed to get my fitness up enough to do okay in the 1st Hill climb Time Trial in February 2012 and again recently in the second one in May 2012. I very much enjoy my membership of the club and am aiming if possible to get back into cyclosportif again.”
Margaret Boylan

Our journey


In the beginning

We started Skinny Lattes to give women a safe space to reach new personal cycling goals


How We evolved

Due to our growth in numbers we became incorporated and affiliated

What we do now

We assist, support and coach cyclists to reach their goals

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