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We are strong advocates of women managing their own cycling and mechanics independently and we help provide regular bike shop educational sessions and the necessary roadside support and instructional sessions.

various disciplines

Various cycling disciplines are incorporated such as road, track and mountain biking and we encourage women to “give it a go” and try something new or challenge themselves with our guidance.

Reach new heights

We have members who started with minimal bike riding skills who have gone on to become World champs! Anything is possible!

ride with slcc

Weekly Rides

Are usually – Saturday (hill rides) and Sunday (flat rides) both starting at 7:30am in Spring/Summer 8am in Winter.


If you think you would like to be involved with the Latte members who follow the Bike SA rides (Grand Slams or Coast to Coast) or the TDU BUPA Challenge rides, there are members who enter these throughout the year. You can either ride with the group or meet us at the finish to debrief about the adventure and your wonderful achievement. 

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