We're Tour Down Under Ambassadors!

Race director Kimberley Conte (a member of SLCC) approached the SLCC a few years ago to act as ambassadors for the Women’s Tour Down Under Teams. This was a new idea that would see a member of our club acting as a point of contact for each of the female racing teams coming to Adelaide. 
Roles of each ambassador varied greatly and was particularly helpful for international teams that were new to the TDU or had language/ cultural barriers. Having a local with local knowledge helps a lot!
Whether it was giving hints on where to eat, ride or have coffee to assisting the teams managers with more practical hands-on tasks, holding bikes, sunnies or providing the odd snack or home baked treat. The ambassador role is to be versatile!
Of particular significance was that the SLCC is a women’s group looking after women.
Over the past few years it is evident that these international racing women’s teams are working hard, often with less resources than the men’s teams, to improve the status and equality deserved by women’s cycling and by women in sport generally around the world.
We are so proud the Skinny Lattes can be a part of this! We look forward to when the TDU resumes!

Mitchelton Scott

Felicity Laing is the ambassador for Mitchelton Scott from Australia.


Belinda Bramley, Veronica Perez & Ana Villa are the ambassadors for Swapit Angolico from Mexico.

Tibco Silicon Valley Bank 

Tibco TDU

Vivien Dossmann is the Ambassador for Tibco Silicon Valley Bank from The USA.


Leanne Perugini is the Ambassador for BePink from Italy.

BePink - Skinny Lattes

Sunweb, NL

Team Sunweb

Jo Bennett is the Ambassador for Sunweb, NL.

Doltcini-Van Eyck Sport Women Cycling Team

Ellen Leemans & Vanessa Gebbie are the Ambassadors for Doltcini Van Eyck from Belgium.

Doltcini - Van Eyck

Astana Women Team

Team Astana

Jane Bode & Meriel Custance are the Ambassadors for Astana from Italy.

Rally UHC Cycling

Anne Marie Wesley is the Ambassador for Rally Cycling from The USA.

Rally UHC

Ale BTC Ljubljana

Carmel Barber & Judy Ireland are the Ambassadors for Ale BTC Ljubljana from Italy.

Trek Segafredo Racing

Jane-Marie Evans is the Ambassador for Trek Segafredo Racing from The USA.

Trek Segafredo Team

Canyon Sram

Canyon SRAM

Dani Schmidt is the Ambassador for Canyon Sram from Germany.


Sharlene Harding is the Ambassador for FDJ from France.

Team FDJ Women

NZ National Team

NZ Cycling Team

Catriona Good is the Ambassador for the NZ National Team.

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